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The VCK team is working together on the general distribution of a new product on the German potency market: Viagra Connect. This new version of the well-known potency product Viagra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction offers a number of special features and a variety of advantages, which we present to you on our website.

Our business objective is to provide all interested parties with reliable information regarding this medication and to show them how to buy Viagra Connect safely, conveniently, quickly and legally online and in the local pharmacy.

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Buy Viagra Connect online without a prescription from Great Britain is now available also in Germany!

On 28 November 2017, the UK’s medical regulatory and supervisory authority for pharmaceuticals announced that 50 mg doses of prescription free Viagra Connect online purchase is available now.
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What is Viagra Connect tablets?

The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer developed the well-known sexual enhancer Viagra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which contains the active ingredient sildenafil. It has been used successfully against impotence since 1998 and it is not available without a prescription in most countries. Therefore, a doctor’s prescription is required before buying Viagra connect.

Since spring 2018, a prescription-free version of Viagra containing 50 mg of the active ingredient Sildenafil and known as Viagra Connect by Pfizer has been sold over the counter in the UK. The so-called “Viagra Connect” from Pfizer has an identical composition to the prescription Viagra, but differs in the lower dosage of 50 mg. The conventional original Viagra, in existence since 1998, has a dosage of 100 mg per tablet.

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Viagra Connect online purchase was only available in England, but now you can also buy Viagra Connect online in Germany.

Viagra Connect Price – How to order it online?

If you want to buy Viagra Connect in Germany, you still need a prescription unlike the UK where you can buy Viagra Connect over the counter. Today it is possible to consult a doctor through a reputable online pharmacy. He can evaluate your state of health and then issue a prescription. However, no matter how you buy Viagra Connect, always be careful and consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions.

Viagra Connect is available in different pack sizes and the Viagra Connect price per tablet is lower when you choose a larger pack. For a pack of 4 tablets, the Viagra Connect price per tablet is just under 20€. Furthermore, there are the following pack sizes: with 8, 12, 16 and 32 tablets. In the case of the largest pack, the unit price is less than 8€, which makes a significant price difference. Regarding the dosage, there is no difference, because Viagra Connect is exactly the same as the original Viagra 50mg Sildenafil and only available in this dosage.


Viagra Connect, the latest sexual enhancer from Pfizer, has been available over the counter in Great Britain for a year and can now also be ordered in Germany. But for whom is taking Viagra Connect suitable?

The active ingredient of Viagra or Viagra Connect is sildenafil. Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor that allows blood vessels and muscles around the penis to relax, allowing more blood to enter the erectile tissue of the penis and be “stored” there for longer. Thus an erection can develop more easily and remain clearly longer.

Viagra Connect differs, as mentioned, only in the name of the conventional 50mg variant of Viagra. For this reason, the effects and possible side effects of Viagra Connect can be predicted and general recommendations can be made.

The effectiveness of the drug can also cause unpleasant side effects if it is wrongly dosed or if one suffers from certain diseases.

  1. Therefore, you should, consult a doctor or pharmacist, who can recommend a suitable dosage to you, whether you need a prescription or not. If you suffer from chronic diseases of an organ or cardiovascular system, or if you have ever had a heart attack or stroke, you should also consult a doctor before taking Viagra Connect. In the worst case, Viagra Connect can worsen your health enormously.
  2. Another possible reason for this, that Viagra Connect may not be right for you, if Viagra has not worked for you. This is only you, who can tell if you can consume Viagra Connect or Viagra. The majority of men can tolerate Viagra Connect not only well, but also feel the effect clearly. If this is not the case with you, then you can switch to other sexual enhancers whose effect has also proven itself several times and which are also and especially suitable for men who were unsuccessful with Viagra.
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Why should I choose Viagra connect?

If you have decided to buy Viagra Connect, it is essential that you buy only approved, original Viagra Connect. Counterfeit Viagra Connect products can be ineffective and harmful for your health. There are a few things you can do for make sure to buy original Viagra Connect if you pay attention to them.


Viagra Connect online UK does not require a prescription, but prescription is compulsory in Germany.

Potency medications with PD5 inhibitors are available only on prescription throughout Germany, so you should consult a doctor before ordering and taking Viagra Connect. If you wish to avoid this route, the option of requesting the drug from the doctor of an online pharmacy by questionnaire may be a suitable alternative.


Viagra Connect is only available for order from an accredited online pharmacy.

If you buy Viagra connect online from an authorized pharmacy, you might receive a fake product, which could endanger your health, or you might run the risk of having issues with customs when you order something there.


Orders without a prescription are not possible at genuine and accredited online pharmacies.

You can identify a genuine online pharmacy by a number of characteristics. The most important distinguishing feature is that you should ask for a prescription while buying Viagra Connect. Therefore, a genuine website will always ask you to fill out a questionnaire or to show your prescription.


Accredited online pharmacies have familiar and secure payment and delivery options.

You should know the payment methods offered by the site from other online shops that you trust. Another important sign of serious online pharmacies is the banner of their certificates, which should be displayed on the website. Usually these can be found in the footer or the imprint of the page.

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Read health articles, find advice from our authors, pharmacists and doctors about Viagra Connect.

Myths about
Viagra Connect

Can you separate the facts and fiction of Viagra Connect?

There is a lot of false information about treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED).

Read on to dispel the myths about what Viagra Connect does and doesn’t do:


Viagra Connect online in Germany is not available

Viagra Connect is a new product on the market of potency enhancing tablets. In the UK it is sold over the counter, in Germany you can now buy it online. Viagra Connect is becoming increasingly popular in Germany every day.

Viagra Connect online

Viagra Connect (Sildenafil) allows a constant erection of 4 hours

Although this may be a rare side effect of Viagra Connect, your erection usually disappears at the end of intercourse. Viagra Connect helps men with ED to get and maintain an erection strong enough for sex after sexual stimulation. The time it takes Viagra Connect to attenuate the effect varies from person to person, but is usually between 30 and 60 minutes. It can be taken up to 4 hours before sexual activity.

Viagra vs. Viagra Connect

The price of Viagra Connect is too high compared to the original Viagra.

Viagra Connect can only help if you have symptoms of erectile dysfunction that occur when there is insufficient blood flow to the penis to help achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for sex. Viagra Connect will not help you unless you have symptoms of erectile dysfunction, completely the same as Viagra Original.

Viagra Connect Price

More than 25 million men
were prescribed Viagra

More than
25 million men
were prescribed Viagra

See what awaits us with Viagra Connect.

Difference between Viagra and Viagra Connect

Actually, Viagra only differs in its name from Viagra Connect. Both Viagra connect vs Viagra contain the active ingredient Sildenafil, which promotes blood circulation by inhibiting the enzyme PDE5, which relaxes blood vessels and muscles in the penile area in order to be able to transport more blood into the swelling body and store it there. Comparing Viagra vs Viagra connect, the last one is equivalent to the 50mg version of the original Viagra.

Viagra is one of the most effective sexual enhancers on the market today. Since its launch in the US in 1998, no other modern sexual enhancer has been sold and used more often than Viagra. Thanks to the experience of doctors and researchers over the past two decades, it is now very clear when to use Viagra and what to expect. If you are a healthy man who “only” has erectile dysfunction and you are from a health point of view able to have sex, taking Viagra is very promising and probably advisable from a medical perspective.

ikon How Viagra works?

The same can be said about Viagra vs Viagra connect, because both are made the same way. Another difference between Viagra vs Viagra connect is that you can buy Viagra connect in the UK at the pharmacy without a prescription. Unlike Viagra, where you need to consult a doctor to get a prescription for Viagra, Viagra connect is available over the counter. However, if you want to buy Viagra connect in the UK at the pharmacy, you still need to complete a questionnaire or have a short private consultation with the pharmacist.

It should be ensured that the patient does not suffer from health problems that could worsen when taking Viagra connect. Furthermore, it is not recommended to use Viagra and Viagra connect at the same time. Viagra vs Viagra connect, both are, as it has been mentioned several times, assembled in the same way.

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So if you combine these two potency drugs, you would have the double dose, which – as mentioned before – can provoke the occurrence of side effects or increase the intensity of side effects.

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Erectile dysfunction can occur for a variety of reasons. The most common cause of potency problems is a lack of blood circulation. This can be a sign of aging but also the result of several years without physical exercise and poor nutrition. In addition, acute strains like stress or diseases (for example the prostate) can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Another factor that can lead to impotence is stress. If you are repeatedly exposed to a lot of stress over a long period of time, this can lead to hormonal changes and result in erectile dysfunction. Whatever the reason for your potency problems, there are some things you can do to get rid of impotence.

Long-term methods of increasing potency can include more exercise and exercise, a change in diet, and stress reduction practices. In this way, you sustainably increase your blood circulation, balance your hormone levels and do something for your long-term well-being. If you want acute help, ideally in combination with long-term methods, sexual enhancers are ideal.

Already after the first intake, sexual enhancers such as Viagra Connect can ensure that you can once again lead a sex life that you desire. Viagra Connect helps more blood to get back into your penis and stay longer. No other modern sexual enhancer has been so well researched and used as often as Viagra. Viagra Connect as Viagra version is identical in its effect.

Maisha Schimpelsberger_author and expert of VCK
Maisha Schimpelsberger ist unser Medical Expert

How is ED diagnosed

Influence and signs of occurrence

More info

What is Viagra Connect?

New vision of Viagra

More info

What is ED?

Causes, medicines & more

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As you now know, Viagra Connect differs little from the original Viagra. If you still want to try it out or use it, please note that Viagra requires a prescription in Germany. However, the effort is much less if your orders Viagra Connect from Germany after obtaining a prescription from a doctor at a certified online pharmacy than if you would fly to England to try to buy Viagra at a pharmacy there.

Therefore, it is recommended that you get a prescription from a doctor you trust or have it issued by a doctor at a reputable online pharmacy. The likelihood of getting a prescription is relatively high, especially if you don’t have serious health problems. Once you have received a valid prescription for Viagra Connect, you can order it from a certified online pharmacy. Viagra Connect is not offered in any conventional pharmacy in Germany. If you go to a pharmacy to buy Viagra Connect, you can get a maximum of Viagra with 50mg Sildenafil, which works the same, but is not Viagra Connect, if that is important to you.

Once again it is important to mention that you can only buy Viagra Connect in Germany with a prescription. It is in the interest of your health that you first consult a doctor before you can buy and take Viagra Connect. If the approach adopted by the English health authorities and pharmacies proves successful in the long term, other European countries may follow suit and Viagra Connect may soon be available in Germany without a prescription. Until then, however, you will have to take the conventional route if you want to treat your potency problems with Viagra Connect.


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Buy Viagra Connect 50mg - now available online!
Buy Viagra Connect 50mg - now available online! 1 Buy Viagra Connect

Find out how to buy Viagra Connect 50mg online here. How to order Viagra Connect in Germany online without prescription in the internet. [All Facts 2020]

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Viagra Connect Frequently Asked Questions

How to take Viagra connect?

Following a prescription of Viagra, connect will get you better results. When taking Viagra connect, always follow the direction of the leaflet included in the packaging or your doctor’s prescription.

How should the Viagra Connect buying process work?

Viagra connect is the first medicine available without a prescription for men with erection problems. Viagra connect can be found in the following ways: from the pharmacy, any trusted online pharmacy, and through the Viagra connected website. At the pharmacy, a physical examination is not necessary. However, most pharmacists have a private consultation area where you can speak with the pharmacists in utter confidence. You will not undergo a physical examination or get asked personal questions. If it is ascertained that the Viagra connect is suitable for you, the pharmacist will sell the product and advise you on how to use it. You will also be encouraged to visit your doctor in 6 months.

How long does Viagra connect last?

The results of the Viagra connect vary with individuals. Averagely, Viagra connect lasts for 3-4 hours. You will start to experience an erection within 30minutes. For men who are above 65, Viagra connect can stay in the body longer, which means that you will experience the effects of the medication longer.

How to get Viagra connect online in Germany and the UK?

Viagra connect can be sold over the counter in both Germany and the UK. However, before purchasing the medication over the counter, you will be required to have a short consultation with your pharmacist.

Buy Viagra Connect from mail-order pharmacies abroad: What is allowed?

Buying Viagra connect online requires you to answer medical questions to check for eligibility. It is reviewed with doctors. Always purchase Viagra connect from legitimate manufacturers.

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