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Maisha Schimpelsberger As a Student of applied science, I have cherished to study on MBBS as well. That’s why she kept both Engineering and Medical study option during my High school.

I have studied in Chemistry, Biology, and Zoology, which contains the general knowledge about Basic Diseases, Chromosome, DNA, RNA, Human Sperm and Egg Fertilisation, Neuron and Brain, Cells and Tissues and their function, Chemical Reactions, Medicines, etc.

This article was written according to medical standards.

Many men suffer when it doesn’t work in bed or when it doesn’t work the way they want it to. However, it is not always about erectile dysfunction symptoms. In Germany, about every fifth man between the ages of 30 and 80 suffers from impotence. To distinguish this from simple ED symptoms, we look more closely at the following ED symptoms and causes and options for ED symptoms treatment.

When does Erectile Dysfunction exist?

By definition, impotence, as erectile dysfunction is colloquially called, is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection long enough to allow sexual intercourse to occur. However, it is not immediately impotence if it once or occasionally does not work as one would like it to.

ED symptoms are considered by doctors as such only if over the period of half a year, in two thirds of cases the man fails to get an erection or cannot hold it long enough to have intercourse. This means that if the penis does not become hard or does not remain hard long enough. So if you occasionally have problems with ED symptoms, it doesn’t immediately mean that you suffer from erectile dysfunction or are impotent.

If these ED symptoms apply to you, don’t worry because there are possibilities for ED symptoms treatment as well as good chances of identifying the cause of impotence, which can often be remedied. In many cases, this is part of our own lifestyle and can be corrected with simple changes to our lifestyle.

ED symptoms treatment

ED symptoms and causes

ED symptoms do not vary greatly from man to man because it is simply that sexual intercourse is not possible or difficult due to a lack of erection. In contrast, the causes that trigger these ED symptoms are very different.

Since many men do not like to discuss their problem with a doctor or even with their partner, there are no exact figures about the occurrence of ED symptoms and specifically about the impotence cause in each individual case.

Bodily causes of erectile dysfunction

It is estimated that in about 70 percent of all men who suffer from ED symptoms, the cause is physical and specifically due to diseases. These include diabetes, high blood pressure and general circulatory disorders.

Nicht genügend Blut in den Penis aus männer

The fact is that an erection cannot occur normally if either no blood or not enough blood enters the penis or if it drains off too quickly. A blockage of the blood vessels such as arteriosclerosis is a frequent cause.

Nowadays there are more and more men who suffer from some kind of circulatory disorder. This is mainly due to an unhealthy lifestyle without enough exercise, poor diet, smoking and general overweight. The good news is that if you exercise more and eat a healthier diet, you will soon get your potency problems under control.

Another cause of ED symptoms may be low testosterone levels that decrease over the years in men and can have negative consequences for potency. However, this can easily be controlled by a doctor and can also be treated with medication.

If ED symptoms associated with a new drug you are taking occur, the potency problems may also occur as a side effect of this medicine. Please note, however, that you should never discontinue or change medication on your own! Always talk to your doctor beforehand.

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How an erection occurs is a very complex system and involves not only blood, but also a variety of nerve tracts that must function correctly for an erection to occur. And not only in the penis, but also in the spinal cord and brain. Thus, a herniated disc, an accident or surgery in this erectile dysfunction area can cause symptoms.

Psychic causes of potency disorders

Physical problems are mainly found in men over the age of 50. In contrast, younger men have mainly psychological triggers for their ED symptoms.

Here the term stress is decisive. Problems in relationships, everyday and professional life, as well as anxiety and depression can also be associated with ED symptoms. A lack of self-confidence and identity conflicts can cause a man to doubt himself, which in turn can have physical effects on erectile function. But the problem is that the absence of an erection leads to further self-doubt and a vicious circle, which many men can only escape with help.

Basically, the problem should be sought in the man himself, but it can also occur that ED symptoms occur, because there are problems with the partner. These include conflicts in the partnership, but it can also be easily possible that the man does not find his partner attractive enough to get an erection.

What to do when it no longer works properly in bed?

It is of great importance to overcome shame and fears and see a doctor. Especially urologists as well as andrologists are the best places to go in case ED symptoms occur.

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Just as important as visiting a doctor is being completely honest with yourself and about yourself. Half the truth about the history, medications and other medications you are taking, do not help the doctor to make a correct diagnosis. This in turn is necessary to find a solution to the erectile dysfunction and not just to treat the ED symptoms.

The doctor then has various ways to determine the actual causes for the ED symptoms:

  • Manual examination of penis and testicles
  • Digital rectal examination
  • blood pressure measurement
  • Urine and blood tests
  • ultrasound
  • Measure the swelling degree of the penis
  • Examination of hormone status

What therapy and treatment methods are there?

In the case of erectile dysfunction, the symptoms can be treated quite easily, as does Viagra, for example. You should be concerned, however, that this does not eliminate the causes and that in the case of a disease the potency treatment could even aggravate the disease.

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The ED symptoms treatment that has revolutionized the market are the so-called PDE-5 inhibitors, of which Viagra Connect is clearly the best known. These block a body’s own enzyme and thus help to achieve a lasting erection while simultaneously stimulating sex.

The active ingredients that work in this way are Sildenafil, Vardenafil and Tadalafil.

Because PDE-5 inhibitors are dangerous in certain conditions, other treatments are needed to treat ED symptoms and their causes. For these individuals, therapies such as hormone administration or injections into the erectile tissue with prostaglandin are an option to address their ED symptoms.

Men who prefer a more mechanical approach can also use a special vacuum pump to draw blood into the penis. This is held there with a ring to be able to have sexual intercourse. It is important not to let the ring sit too long, as this can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Most men can control their ED symptoms with one of these treatments. However, there are exceptions that want or need to test other possibilities in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

For those who have not had success with any other erectile dysfunction therapy, there is one method that is still available but that is definitive – the penile prosthesis that is firmly implanted into the penis. However, since this is a final option, it is actually the very last method.

Whether the causes of your erectile dysfunction are purely physical or not, you should seek psychological advice. ED symptoms based on psychological causes can thus be eliminated through appropriate therapy and counselling. However, this approach is also recommended for patients with purely physical causes, as they often deal with fears regarding their masculinity, self-doubt and also fear about their partnership. Both a therapist and a support group can help a patient who has ED symptoms to deal with them.

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Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction: Conclusion

In summary, it is not always impotence when ED symptoms occur. If you worry about it unnecessarily without talking to a doctor, you may even worsen your ED symptoms yourself.

If you have doubts or the definition applies to you, you cannot avoid a visit to the doctor. But don’t be afraid of it, as there are many very effective treatment methods today that have proven their worth over the years.


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