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Maisha Schimpelsberger As a Student of applied science, I have cherished to study on MBBS as well. That’s why she kept both Engineering and Medical study option during my High school.

I have studied in Chemistry, Biology, and Zoology, which contains the general knowledge about Basic Diseases, Chromosome, DNA, RNA, Human Sperm and Egg Fertilisation, Neuron and Brain, Cells and Tissues and their function, Chemical Reactions, Medicines, etc.

This article was written according to medical standards.

Is impotence normal in old age?

Statistically, about two thirds of all men suffer from erectile dysfunction at least once in their lives. Understandably, this is mainly due to the proportion of older men affected. But there is not also Erectile Dysfunction and aging.

Since the connective tissue of the penis becomes weaker in old age due to changes in metabolism, men over forty often notice a decreasing potency. This does not immediately mean Erectile Dysfunction when aging, but is often shown by the fact that the man must be sexually stimulated longer to achieve an erection. In addition, besides a not so stiff penis, the seminal effusion cannot repeat as often as in younger years, which is due to a lower maximum blood circulation in the penis.

Ist Impotenz im Alter normal?

From the age of fifty, every second man has slight to moderate potency problems. Here the question of whether Erectile Dysfunction and aging is normal could be answered with YES. Nevertheless, the statistics can be looked at even further and it can be seen that the number of severe cases of erectile dysfunction doubles from the age of sixty. In this age group, already twelve per cent do not achieve an erection at all any more.

Another reason why men in old age are particularly affected by impotence is that diseases that affect blood circulation and thus potency also occur more frequently in old age. These include various circulatory disorders such as arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure as well as heart diseases, diabetes and prostate diseases.

From seventy, a large proportion (namely sixty percent) suffer from mild to moderate Erectile Dysfunction when aging. But not everything is lost even for older men. Statistically speaking, every fourth man from the age of eighty still enjoys completely undisturbed potency and is not affected by Erectile Dysfunction when aging.

Is there a cure for impotence in old age?

There are remedies, both drugs in tablet form and other therapeutic approaches, which can help against Erectile Dysfunction and aging. These are broadly not different from the treatment methods available for younger men.

Understandably, every man wants to lead an undisturbed sex life without having to take pills or other aids to treat Erectile Dysfunction when aging. One approach that has been particularly successful prophylactically is pelvic floor training, which is often known from birth preparation in women. This training can be carried out in everyday life and builds up a very specific musculature that helps to improve sex life. To do this, the pelvic muscles need to be tensed several times a day to strengthen the potency muscles anchored in the pelvic floor.

Furthermore, there is also a special vacuum pump training and daily drug therapy to generally increase potency.


A doctor should always be consulted first, especially with Erectile Dysfunction and aging. He or she can determine the cause of your impotence or erectile dysfunction and thus recommend the appropriate treatment method. If you suffer from any disease or are taking medication, your doctor will also find the right medication and/or therapy for you.

Potency pillss against impotence at age

One of the easiest ways to tackle Erectile Dysfunction when aging is to buy potency medications in tablet form with prescription in the pharmacy, including the famous and Viagra Connect, which everyone has heard before, with the active ingredient Sildenafil.

Viagra Connect vs Cialis

Cialis (Tadalafil)

If you don’t want to think about the tablet every time before sexual intercourse, you can also use a daily form of therapy, for which the drug Cialis with the active ingredient Tadalafil is suitable.

This is taken once a day and is effective at any time of the day or night without having to take another specific pill.

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Viagra Connect

Viagra is simply taken before the desired sexual intercourse and thus helps many men with erectile dysfunction and aging or not.

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These sexual enhancers are under prescription, which has a good reason. In healthy men, these sexual enhancers only have an effect on erectile function. However, if you suffer from any other disease or may be taking other medications, you may experience severe side effects or interactions that can be fatal, for example in heart diseases or high blood pressure.

Other methods against impotence at age

Certain drugs against Erectile Dysfunction and aging can also be purchased over the counter: The so-called aphrodisiacs. Here, too, caution is advised, as these products can often be contaminated, ineffective or potentially dangerous to health without a doctor’s prescription and without legal regulation. Therefore, it would be the best if you also discuss this with a doctor.

Erectile Dysfunction and aging: Causes & possible treatments 1 erectile dysfunction and aging

If you are taking other medications, the cause of your Erectile Dysfunction may also be aging, as there is a long list of medications that have a negative effect on potency. However, never stop taking a medicine (not even by trial) to test its effects. Again, your doctor can advise you whether there is any negative impact or not. In both cases, your doctor can tell you what alternative options there are for you to get your erectile dysfunction under control.

In addition to very invasive products such as an implant directly into the penis, there are also vacuum pumps with which blood can be pumped into the penis and held there with the help of a penis ring. This is one of the options to treat Erectile Dysfunction when aging. Thus sexual intercourse is possible and after removing the ring also the penis is flaccid again.

But here you have to be careful not to leave the ring on the penis for too long, otherwise it could have negative effects. Also read about ED Symptomes article.

What can be done to prevent impotence in old age?

There are a few simple aspects of everyday life that you can consider to prevent Erectile Dysfunction in aging men:

  • A healthy lifestyle is essential to prevent Erectile Dysfunction when aging. This includes a good diet and a lot of exercise.
  • Smoking, alcohol and other substances should be avoided.
  • Keep stress to a minimum: Much of the cases of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are of psychological origin. These include low self-confidence, personal and professional stress and general psychological stress.
  • Regular visits to the doctor: In order to prevent potency problems, you should have your doctor check you regularly. Diseases are detected quickly and can be treated immediately. In addition, your doctor will know your general state of health in case of Erectile Dysfunction and aging, he will quickly find a solution for your problem.
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