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Maisha Schimpelsberger As a Student of applied science, I have cherished to study on MBBS as well. That’s why she kept both Engineering and Medical study option during my High school.

I have studied in Chemistry, Biology, and Zoology, which contains the general knowledge about Basic Diseases, Chromosome, DNA, RNA, Human Sperm and Egg Fertilisation, Neuron and Brain, Cells and Tissues and their function, Chemical Reactions, Medicines, etc.

This article was written according to medical standards.

If you ask yourself how is ED diagnosed and want to know how to prevent impotence, youshould start as soon as possible. As soon as an erectile dysfunction is diagnosed by a doctor usually only medication can help.

To know how is ED diagnosed we should talk first of all about the definition of Erectile Dysfunction. This disease is also known as impotence and means that a man is not able to get an erection or that he can´t keep it long enough to have intercourse. It is really important to know how is ED diagnosed because not every case of “failed erection” is Erectile Dysfunction.

Most of the patients who suffer from erectile problems are ashamed or afraid of how is ED diagnosed. Your doctor can diagnose this disease and also determine the cause of erectile dysfunction by doing some simple tests. First of all he will examine penis and testicles, after that a rectal examination. He can measure blood pressure and realize urine and blood tests. Another method how is ED diagnosed and to find its causes is to do an ultrasound. The urologist can examine the hormonal status and measure the testosterone level.

It is really important how is ED diagnosed in order to find the causes. If you don´t know why you are suffering from ED, you can´t be sure about the best impotence treatment for your single case.

Methods to prevent impotence

Now as you know how is ED diagnosed, we can talk about how you can prevent impotence and possible treatments. Conscious and balanced diet for improved potency canprevent impotence. An important precautionary measure to prevent impotence is to eat a balanced and conscious diet. A large number of studies have shown that male potency is strongly influenced by diet.

The consumption of lots of fruit and vegetables, fish and many potassium-rich foods can prevent impotence. Fats also have an influence generally unsaturated fatty acids are better than saturated ones. Also read about Viagra vs Viagra Connect.

Whether you are afraid of erectile dysfunction or you are potentially at risk, it always makes sense to eat a varied, low-fat and high-fiber diet, because this can have a positive effect on your entire life and not only in terms of your potency.

Maintaining the relationship and a conscious partnership

Impotence in men can often be triggered by relationship problems. In this case you have to know how is ED diagnosed to know if the cause lies in relationship problems. And maybe a therapy with your partner or simply giving more importance to you relationship can avoid the use of sexual enhancers or other medication.

That is why it is important and also obvious to maintain the partnership, because this approach can indeed prevent impotence. It is important to deal openly with problems and to be able to talk about them with your partner in a particularly carefree way and in the case of some erectile problems to know how is ED diagnosed.

In most cases, both partners feel the same or similar, so talking about it eliminates possible small or large partnership problems. If the problem is more serious and you have already tried to talk about it, professional help can also be consulted. Psycho- and sexual therapy can therefore help you as a couple and prevent impotence.

It makes sense to go for this therapy as a couple and not alone. This gives the opportunity to talk openly about these unpleasant problems in therapy, which are sometimes difficult to address, as it is the case with erectile dysfunction. Ultimately, such therapy can eliminate the risk of erectile dysfunction. If there is no improvement in this kind of therapy, you should consult an urologist who knows how ED is diagnosed.

Therapies designed to prevent impotence are mainly about protecting and guaranteeing your future sex life and especially the quality of it. However, the relationship itself must also always become a topic. If things go better as a couple, many potency problems disappear on their own and this can prevent impotence. That´s why it is really important to have in mind how is ED diagnosed.

A healthy lifestyle

When your doctor took use of all the necessary methods of how is ED diagnosed, he will probably find out the causes for your erectile problem. If the cause requires it, a good way totreat or to prevent impotence is to change your lifestyle in some way. For this, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Healthy nourishment
  • Sufficient regular exercise
  • Keeping the stress level low
  • No smoking or alcohol consumption

For example, arteriosclerosis and other diseases related to an unhealthy lifestyle cause various forms of erectile dysfunction. You should therefore be careful not to expose yourself to this risk in the first place, because by protecting your health you also prevent potency problems. Your urologist will know how is ED diagnosed and could find maybe a disease as a cause of this erectile problem.

Prevent impotence by giving up smoking

If you are a smoker, you should stop smoking as soon as possible in view of your general health, but also especially with regard to your potency. Not smoking can not only prevent impotence, it can also be great for the general health of the body.

Abandonment or at least restriction of alcohol consumption

Although alcohol in small amounts can increase sexual desire, if you drink more it can severely affect a man’s potency and even cause erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and can lead to the fact that blood in the erectile tissue of the penis cannot be hold long enough. At the same time, the muscle tone is lowered and the blood flows out faster.

Thus, an important measure to prevent impotence is to limit alcohol consumption, and it can even correct an already existing erectile dysfunction.

Overweight, lack of exercise and stress are triggers for potency problems

Further triggers for erectile dysfunction are lack of exercise, overweight and stress. Therefore, and for the sake of your health, you should pay attention to a varied, low-fat and high-fiber diet. In addition, you should exercise regularly to prevent impotence. Even small new habits like taking the stairs instead of the elevator can make a difference.

It is not absolutely necessary for you to become a top athlete in order to prevent impotence. The minimum precaution against impotence is a walk and this several times a week at least for a few minutes. Why not just walk or cycle to work, or do the errands instead of always taking the car immediately?

It is also relaxing, is good for you and can lower your stress level. You should also regularly measure your blood pressure and blood lipid levels as methods how is ED diagnosed. If something is getting worse or there are fluctuations, you should consult a doctor. This can then help you toprevent impotence on time.


It is really important that you consult a specialist when you don´t know how is ED diagnosed. In this process the doctor can identify causes for this problem. When you observe how is ED diagnosed by your urologist it is significant that you are honest about medications you are taking and especially about your medical history.

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