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Maisha Schimpelsberger As a Student of applied science, I have cherished to study on MBBS as well. That’s why she kept both Engineering and Medical study option during my High school.

I have studied in Chemistry, Biology, and Zoology, which contains the general knowledge about Basic Diseases, Chromosome, DNA, RNA, Human Sperm and Egg Fertilisation, Neuron and Brain, Cells and Tissues and their function, Chemical Reactions, Medicines, etc.

This article was written according to medical standards.

Treatment of impotence with the help of sexual enhancers

With the famous Viagra and Viagra Connect, which have been firmly established in the market for a long time, a man looking for impotence treatment has the possibility of a very effective and “potent” sexual enhancer.

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The so-called PDE-5 inhibitors, which include Viagra, Cialis and Spedra, inhibit, as the name suggests, the body’s own enzyme PDE-5. By inhibiting this enzyme, many men who otherwise either do not achieve an erection at all or who can´t maintain it, can have the sex life they previously had or always wanted to have.

For most men, these sexual enhancers are the solution to their problem. However, there are exceptions. Since PDE-5 inhibitors lead to better blood circulation, taking them can cause severe side effects in high blood pressure and, for example, heart disease. A doctor should be consulted for impotence treatment options and especially before taking a sexual enhancer.

This is precisely why PDE-5 inhibitors require a prescription, as a doctor must always check whether there are any objections to an impotence treatment with Viagra and Co.

Natural medicines and alternative forms of therapy

For impotence treatment there are also natural remedies on the market.

Behandlung von Impotenz mit Hilfe von Potenzmitteln

This includes a large number of aphrodisiacs for impotence treatment that can be purchased over the counter. Here, however, special attention must be paid to purchasing good quality and legal products. Since the sale of these products is not legally regulated, there is no control of their quality. Thus, in the worst case, they can either be weak or potentially dangerous to your health.

It has been proven that a lack of vitamin D can have a negative impact on potency. This important vitamin is necessary for the bones because it processes calcium, but it is also important for the nerves and muscles. When the skin is exposed to sunlight, the body produces vitamin D itself. Vitamin D can also be absorbed via a healthy diet, for example by eating fish. The value can easily be determined by a test. This should be above 20ng/ml.

Most men who begin to experience erectile dysfunction should start to change some aspects of their lifestyle. The best impotence treatment starts with physical training and healthy physical activity.

Other causes and non-drug approaches

Many men are affected by erectile dysfunction due to a psychological problem. It’s not even about anything serious. A lack of self-confidence or stress at work can cause a man to need impotence medical treatment.

Sexual aktivität im monat bei männern

Both psychotherapy and coaching can help to cope with these problems. However, professional help is not always necessary.

First of all, it must be clear to every man that erectile dysfunction can occur once or several times. That´s why you don´t have to be ashamed nor does it mean that this will be the case forever. The most important thing is that you can talk to your partner about it. Simply express that you have a lot of stress right now and you can’t do it today, but tomorrow again. This can solve the problem for many men without any other impotence treatment.

It always makes sense to consult a doctor when an erectile dysfunction occurs, he diagnose possible illnesses or causes for these. One of them is a low testosterone level, which can easily be eliminated by impotence treatment with testosterone. Also read the “What is ED?” article.

Men who do not like to take medication and swallow tablets have the option of mechanical impotence treatment using a vacuum pump, also known as a penis pump. This builds up a vacuum and draws the necessary blood into the erectile tissue, which is needed for an erection. A so-called penis ring is attached to the root of the penis so that this blood does not drain off again quickly.

The interesting thing about this method is that it represents the possibility of a therapy that allows natural and spontaneous erections again. In this impotence treatment method, the erectile tissue is trained in such a way that erections are easier to develop again and can be held longer.

If the cause of the erectile dysfunction so requires and none of the other possible impotence treatment methods has helped, there is the possibility of surgery. On the one hand, a prosthesis can be implanted to replace the erection function. On the other hand, venous leaks can be “repaired”. These leaks cause low blood pressure and so the erection cannot be developed. Although this impotence treatment offers good results, in most cases they open up again, requiring a new surgery.

Approaches for the future in impotence treatment

Today there are some new approaches for the future of impotence treatment. Some new impotence treatment methods, such as homeopathic impotence treatment, are being used, but are still being tested.

In the following, we will name some of them:

  • Botox therapy: The famous nerve poison, which is better known as “wrinkle smoother”, has already shown promising results in its use in impotence treatment. However, continuous use is necessary as Botox only lasts a few weeks and during this time the penis muscles are so relaxed that blood can easily flow into the penis. However, since Botox is made from a poison, serious side effects can occur. It is precisely for this reason that it has not yet been approved for use in impotence treatment. Let’s see what the future holds.
  • Stem cell therapy: This is already used today. This therapy method was very promising for animals, but there are no studies on it yet for men. This method is very expensive. In this therapy method, stem cells are injected directly into the erectile tissue. Here, too, strong side effects are a major disadvantage.
  • Extracorporeal shock wave therapy: This represents a new approach to impotence treatment. But here, too, further studies are lacking.
  • Topical gel: This gel is applied to the penis to relax the smooth muscles in the erectile tissue so that blood can flow better into the penis. This gel is in a test phase and it has already been shown that seventy percent of the test persons got an erection within the first ten minutes.

Impotence treatment – Conclusion

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It is extremely important not to panic and not to put yourself under pressure in order not to worsen the erectile dysfunction.

First of all, some aspects of lifestyle can be changed, such as a better diet, less sugar and more physical activity. Also to reduce everyday professional stress and to take more time for oneself can be a first approach to impotence treatment. Thus, the majority of cases can be controlled by simple changes without the need for medical assistance.

For all other cases and also in case of doubts and questions, a doctor should always be consulted for causes and a possible impotence treatment. This can determine the cause of erectile dysfunction by simple examinations, such as palpation, blood tests or ultrasound. This is particularly important in order to find the right impotence treatment to solve the problem.


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