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Maisha Schimpelsberger As a Student of applied science, I have cherished to study on MBBS as well. That’s why she kept both Engineering and Medical study option during my High school.

I have studied in Chemistry, Biology, and Zoology, which contains the general knowledge about Basic Diseases, Chromosome, DNA, RNA, Human Sperm and Egg Fertilisation, Neuron and Brain, Cells and Tissues and their function, Chemical Reactions, Medicines, etc.

This article was written according to medical standards.

The idea of not being able to sleep with your partner because you simply “can’t get up any more” makes a lot of men shudder. Not only that you want to have sex and be disappointed when your body doesn’t participate, but also the feeling that something is wrong with you makes men who suffer from erectile dysfunction a lot of trouble. The fact that you don’t want to talk about this topic with your friends because you feel offended in your masculinity further contributes to the fact that a potency disorder is an unpleasant companion but you want to know what is ED?

Reasons for erectile dysfunction

what is ed (erectile dysfunction)

To understand what is ED, we have to look at the many different reasons what causes ED and lead to erectile dysfunction. Both the body and the psyche can affect the potency of men. The regular use of medications such as antihypertensive drugs, blood lipid reducers, gastric acid production hammers, inflammation hammers and excessive alcohol consumption can be reasons for this. Both are a strain on the body and blood circulation, which is essential for an erection to occur.

Smokers and men who are overweight are more prone to erection problems. However, a potency disorder can also be a serious first indication of a more serious illness. You can suffer from atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, side effects of medicines, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease without knowing it. Men who have suffered a heart attack or stroke in the past also have an increased risk of having erectile dysfunction. Also read about how is ED diagnosed.

However, it does not always have to be a serious disease if you talk about what is ED and its causes. Psychological problems can also be reasons for this. Men who are exposed to great stress often suffer from erectile dysfunction. Other factors may include depression, partner conflict, self-insecurity, fear of failure, repressed homosexuality and other mental illness. So if something is not right with your own body or psyche, the body is less willing to provide energy for sexual intercourse, which is biologically intended primarily for reproduction.

erectile dysfunction treatment options

What kind of ED treatment exist?

If you want to control your erectile dysfunction in the long term, you have to understand what is ED to find out what causes ED in your case. In any case you should get over it and consult a doctor who can first of all explain what is ED and than prescribe not only a healthy lifestyle and possibly a therapy but also sexual enhancers.

Often an erectile dysfunction is the result of a vicious circle. If it occurs for the first time it causes stress, which in turn leads to further “failures” and worsens the situation for the man further. Therefore, sexual enhancers can also be a long-term solution as they help to rebuild confidence in yourself and your body.

How to buy sexual enhancers?

Men who decide to take sexual enhancers must usually first consult a doctor, as most sexual enhancers are prescription only. For those who do not want to go to a doctor in person, it is possible to arrange an online consultation with a doctor in which the doctor can issue a legal prescription for a sexual enhancer.

Once you have received a prescription, you can buy the sexual enhancer online or in a traditional pharmacy. Because potency disorders are a very private topic, many men buy Viagra Connect, Cialis, Levitra or any other drug prescribed for them online. In this way, you can compare products in peace and order them anonymously as far as possible. Also read about How is ed diagnosed. 

If you buy sexual enhancers online, you should make sure that you buy from a reputable online pharmacy that sells products approved in your country and requires a prescription before you can order the drug.

It is always important to know exactly what is ED, what causes ED in your case to find the correct ED treatment for you.

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